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Office Relocation

Business is the driving force which moves the economy in the country as employment and services interchanging services and commodities, but Businesses too need to Relocate as and when required be it Shifting Office Furnitures or Relocating entire Offices. Falcon Shiftings has been a major lending hand to aid in the corporate needs of Businesses across 400 and more cities in India. We provide the best packing and moving services to facilitate each and every need be it big or small to help / aid in the need of Corporate / Business / Office Relocation.

   Our Services include 

  • Survey of the Products
  • Understanding your prerequisites, extraordinary requirements and imperatives
  • Surveying material and labour necessities
  • Giving helpful hints to workers to decrease the move-time
  • Alerted managers of issue regions
  • Proficient packing of office equipments
  • Watchful handling of Server and critical equipment
  • Specific crating for Server Racks
  • Moving of overwhelming hardware like safes. Vaults
  • Legitimate Marking and Labeling
  • Moving the correct thing to ideal place at the opportune time



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