Falcon Shiftings

How we Work

Service Enquiry

With ever expanding Local City Offices across India we receive Enqueries through Word of Mouth, Calls and though our Online presence via our Website and Social Media Platforms

Service Booking

We are Quick to respond for any Queries generated and we always strive to provide best support. We book Orders by Telephonic conversation after which Place / Client verification takes place and from their the shifting time, place and location gets finalized after which when it comes to the time of Packing  & Loading we request for a Initial Payment.

Quality Packing

Once the assignment gets finalized we start the Packing process. We have qualified workers trained as per IBA guidelines. We use the best in class packing materials required as per the article / goods be it plastic / wooden containers, plastic wrapping, cardboard, etc.

Diligent Uploading

As already mentioned, our trained workers effectively handle goods / articles with the best of care and aid in the loading process after the packaging is finished. We carefully load and pack goods such that they endure the harsh jerks and bumps of the journey.

Safe Transportation

Once everything is loaded carefully, our qualified drivers equipped with the best in class transport / shifting vehicle start the swift journey ahead and thus transverse the path carefully to avoid major damage due to jerks and bumps. Along with this the driver keeps a steady pace with enough speed to deliver the goods / articles on to the desired location on time.

Unloading & Unpacking

Once the transport vehicle reaches its destination, our staffs already present on that location carefully unloads the goods / articles after which they are unpacked from their packing material. Once every article gets unpacked they are then placed as per the requirement of the client as an after sales quality service which we offer to all our clients.

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